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The Liturgical Year


Dom Guéranger

15 Volumes    12-13 volumes are hard-bound
sewn binding  cloth cover

The most popular edition ever printed!

This title is currently out of Print

The Liturgical Year of Dom Prosper Guéranger in fifteen volumes has the unique distinction of being the greatest treatment of the subject ever written. Nothing will ever approach it in fullness of doctrine and the soundness of its learning, the result of years of patient study. Dom Guéranger's purpose in compiling these fifteen volumes was to arouse the faithful from their spiritual torpor by familiarizing them with the official prayer of the Church as developed in the liturgical periods of the year. The year thus planned for us by the Church herself produces a drama, the sublimest that has ever been offered to the admiration of men. Cardinal Manning, referring to Dom Guéranger's commentary on the Church's Seasons and Solemnities, called it "a prelude to a better world and an avenue to the Vision of Peace."

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